Termomacchine designs and produces complete induction machines and spare parts for hardening, tempering, press quenching, welding, brazing, annealing, forging, melting.
Special applications for automotive, tube and pipe, cable, wire, oil, gas, electrical motors and precious metal markets.


Concentrators for high frequency tube welding, available from 3 mm diameter to 95 mm diameter.


Fiberglass pipes to protect concentrators. The system made up by the pipe and the concentrator is called impeder. It has the function to concentrate the flow from the HF generator. Available for all the concentrator diameters, also in square and rectangular section.


Impeders cluster for high diameters tubes, special impeders for small diameters pipes and special impeders. Impeders product line with closed circuit cooling water or with disposable water system, optimized for our generators.


As for the impeders, Termomacchine has developed its inductors range for the use with its own generators.