Automatic equipping machine for multi treatment

Our latest delivery to the final customer here at Termomacchine Srl
A fully automated cell, that includes robot and vision system, for heat treatment of a wide range of mechanical parts.
Automatic gripper exchange and total control of the process are just some of the peculiarities of this machine which is able to change settings by automatically recognizing the parts to be treated.
Control parameters system, recipes with parameterized programming, vertical scanning, horizontal scanning, single shot, frequency and heating station switching system, complete the total features of this equipment.

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Induction coil

We can do them... even better than we've ever done before
We can repair
We can design
We can build
We can develop
We can test and we can deliver faster than you can imagine

In the last two years we have increased volume of satisfied Customers not only for own made coils, but granting continuous mutual service support. Before, during and after the development process.

How was that possible? Simply creating a group and teaming up. Our best colleague is our Customer!

Our philosophy, focusing in anticipating any critical issues, has led us to involve Inductor Department Technicians at the kick-off of new projects.
Achieved Target is that who is manufacturing today is doing it, not only reading a drawing, but having full awareness of Customer needs and sharing goals.

We prefer to be considered Top players, for what we get at the end, rather than for what we promise at the beginning.
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Railroad screws machine's video

September started with the final acceptance test of two machines for heating treatment of Railroad screws
Capability with diameters up to 25mm and length max 250mm.
Machines are equipped with solid state converter of 300kW
Max Heating Temperature reachable, about 1100°C
Cycle time, 4sec./piece
Integrated treatment Parameter Control System
Teleservice for assistance and remote support

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Multi-treatment machine' video

Installation for lathe chucks raceways, chucks hubs, lathe chucks and holes, shafts and gears equipped with 250kW Solid State high frequency Generator.
All the panels, pipes and the quench tanks are made by stainless steel.
SIEMENS brand Electrical CNC components and operator panel.
Integrated treatment Parameter Control System.
Teleservice for assistance and remote support.

-Continuous adjustment of power in a range between min. and max. power 1-100%
-Adjustment of frequency in a range between 100-350 kHz;
-Possibility of power adjustment under load
-Digital control of machine parameters
-Possibility to manage translation speed
-Possibility to manage the flow rate of the water showers hardening
-Range of working speed 0-30mt./min run

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Wintech Automation Team Parnership

Termomacchine Srl is proudly become part of "Wintech Automation Team", the ideal supplier for the main technologies to produce electric motors, with a specific focus on EV-HEV mobility. Wintech Automation Team offers a complete solution which includes all the different production stages ( stator pack-rotor assembly, concentric winding, hairpin winding, electrical test, induction heating shrink fitting, resin dispensing, impregnation, turning ).

The team is composed by Italian Companies. Each one representing the excellence in its specific field of activity for skills, contents and expertise.

The target is to offer an integrated, all-inclusive system that relieves the client from carrying out the separate search of all the different equipment needed to produce the electric motors and making them interact once they are installed into the workshop.

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